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Best Butcher In The Lehigh Valley With The Highest Quality Steaks, Beef Roasts, Sausages

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

When looking for the best quality meat, there’s nowhere to go but the best butcher in the Lehigh Valley with the highest quality steaks, beef roasts, sausages, ham, chicken, and other meat cuts! We know the science behind making meats more tasteful and tender. We invite you to try out one of our specialities and be convinced like many residents in the Lehigh Valley!

The best butcher in the Lehigh Valley hands down!

For over 20 years and counting, Trio Country Butcher has been the foremost purveyor of the finest meat in the whole Lehigh Valley area. We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, offering you superior customer service.

The people of Lehigh Valley have trusted us for years and know this for a fact. It’s why we are independently voted the best butcher in the Lehigh Valley with the highest quality steaks, beef roasts, sausages, bacon, ham, and other products!

Whether you’re purchasing your favorite cut or having a good chat about recipes, you’ll get the peak Trio experience.

Feel good about your meat

Our meats are sourced locally from farmers we have known and trusted for years. When you shop with us, you know for a fact, you’re getting the freshest, quality, healthy, and delicious cuts of meat that won’t be harmful to your health.

Good old tradition with a touch of modernity

We love it the old-fashioned way. And we bet you will too! We offer you a straight-from-the-golden-age approach, serving you the finest quality beef in the Lehigh Valley with a smile on our face every time, with nothing but a counter between you and our butchers.

And when you ask us, we’ll guide you through the range of steaks, sausages, lambs, beef, hams, roasts, and poultry. Just like the old times, we’ll tell you the best cut for the occasion or how best to prepare your selection!

Mealtimes are for memories

Make mealtimes more memorable by putting the best meats on the grill. Get meat better raised and prepared than those at large grocery stores - high-quality, legendary Trio meats!

Whether you want thin cuts and beef or sausage and ham for your home, party, or restaurant, we’ve got everything in stock for a perfectly delightful and healthy meal! Create your own memories by ordering online or visiting our store to pick up yours. Have a special request or question, contact us. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

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