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Advantages of Finding a Butcher vs. Grocery Store

It’s always delightful to find a good source of quality cut steak and other choice portions of meat. For many, the go-to source is the local grocery store.

True, getting your meat from the grocer is quite convenient. It’s easy to drop by the store and quickly grab cooking supplies, including meat. However, a somewhat less popular option might actually be the best.

There are many reasons why you should get your meat cuts from the butcher rather than the grocery store. In this article, you’ll learn about some of them. Read on!

The butchers are the specialists

Let’s face it; the local grocery store supplies a wide range of products, but meats are just a fraction of the whole. No matter how well the enterprise runs its supply chain, it simply can't outdo the butchers who are into the business to provide exclusive “meaty” services.

The butchers are better connected with retailers as to the source of the meat. It’s their business to know how, when, and how well the animals were slaughtered. This way, they guarantee the utmost quality.

It’s also the butcher’s business to make sure that the animals are slaughtered humanely, not byproducts of animal violence and cruelty. If you don’t worry too much about where your meat comes from, you should! You’d be surprised at how much goes into slaughtering an animal.

Quality selection

There are different kinds of meat. As a discerning eaten with a taste for quality, you’ll have to go out of your way to find rare choice cuts in the grocery store.

Many butchers have special techniques to create unique cuts that taste delicious and are different from the regular store cuts. For instance, the tri-tip cut is one of such delights, resulting from experimental cuts by butchers getting creative for culinary benefits.

If all you want is a prime rib cut rather than the complete roast, you’re less likely to find such specificity in a store. A piece like a lamb shank is rare if it’s not the holiday season. But your butcher will surely provide you with it.

Professional advice

After acquiring a special cut, you might want to get some advice about cooking it. An upcoming BBQ event might have you in a dilemma as to the best steak to use.

Even if you’re a pro at cuts, the chances are that there’ll be something your butcher knows that you don’t. The butcher knows the prices of meats and can suggest alternatives to you to help achieve the best culinary effect.

A butcher knows quality and is best placed to show you what quality is and how best to derive delicious goodness from any cut.

Good customer service

If you run a food business where you need a steady supply of meat, it’s ideal for you to take the time to build a good relationship with the butcher to benefit from their wealth of wisdom on the subject.

A grocer will not offer you the same qualitative customer service as a dedicated butcher that knows his onions.

When looking for a butcher with the best meat in Lehigh Valley, Trio Country Butchers is your best bet. Try our meats and find out why hundreds of Lehigh Valley residents don’t go anywhere else!

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